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Home Visits

Are you struggling with breastfeeding/chestfeeding?  We'd love to help!  Your home visit will last around 1-2 hours and will consist of gathering a history, weighing your baby, assessing a feeding, and education about pertinent topics.

Back to Work Consult

Are you returning to work?  Do you have questions about how to pump and provide breast milk for your baby while you work?  We'd love to meet and discuss this with you.

Prenatal Consult

Are you pregnant?  Do you have questions about breastfeeding/ chestfeeding?  We'd love to meet and discuss what to expect and how you can get off on the right foot after your baby is born.


Follow this link to see if you are covered through The Lactation Network (TLN).  If not, we may still be able to see you.

We are in network with several companies in addition to TLN.  If you have a different provider or no insurance we can still see you, contact us for more information.  Click here to view payment policies.

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